5 Wedding Emergency Kit Items You Didn't Think Of (BONUS: 5 items for the groom's emergency kit)

As a planner, I always ensure my brides are supplied with a fully stocked wedding day emergency kit! This thing is chock full of items and things that may be needed, should an emergency occur.

Over the years, and after experiences get stacked on, we've added items continually, that you probably didn't think to include in this kit. But better safe than sorry, am I right.

Let's get to it:

  1. Snacks/Granola Bars: You may or may not have thought of this. But the morning of the wedding can be pretty full of all the things, leaving you no time to cook, and you'll probably end up forgetting to eat all together. Definitely don't need you getting light headed walking down the aisle. So, pack a little snack bag to keep with you in the bridal suite.

  2. Fashion tape: Yes, we all have had those fashion emergencies. Best to keep them from happening on the big day, or at least be prepared for them! This stuff comes in super handy with even the oddest of situations.

  3. Mini Lock Box: This idea was the most unique I have seen, but I loved it! Think about those hefty tip envelopes for your vendors. Depending on where your wedding is, and how secure your bridal suite is, this will give you a great place to keep those very valuable items. And it doesn't take up much space at all.

  4. Extra makeup: You may not think of this if you are getting your makeup done. But we all know the sweat and tears that can come from a long wedding day. Having these extra items will help you freshen up later on, so you remain photo-ready till the very last dance!

  5. Boxes: Keep those boxes you had items packed in, or bring some! You will have lots of décor, presents, and wedding cards to pack up (or have someone else pack up) at the end of the night!

And, as promised, the groom deserves an emergency kit too, right? Don't forget about him and his fellas!

  1. Extra cuff links

  2. Stain removers

  3. Extra black socks

  4. Shoe shine wipes

  5. Handkerchiefs

And there you have it! I hope this list helps prepare you for what MAY, (but hopefully won't) happen! Happy wedding planning loves.