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 Image provided by Megan, MV Photography , taken at Elmrock Inn


Growing up in the small village of Wallkill, nestled in Ulster County NY, I've always felt a pull on my heart to travel, and adventure into big cities, and visit amazing places. I knew the small town girl needed to explore! I've also always been a dreamer, striving always for the best for my life, and my future.

I attended SUNY Orange Community College, directly after graduating high school, (I was homeschooled by my mother), receiving my Associate's Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Legal Studies. I always thought law was the route for me. A sure path to a successful career, but still felt a pull in other directions. "I wish I could own my own business.", a sentence that crossed my mind so many times. Deciding to start my own business, taking the plunge, and just going for it, has been a truly amazing decision, and the experience has been like no other. Always being the planner for events of family and friends, being obsessed with wedding shows, buying wedding magazines, even though I wasn't close to getting married, and landing an internship with a wedding planner, I dreamed of doing this for a living. I wanted this to be my purpose. I soaked up a lot about the wedding industry, have met so many amazing people, continually working on building a solid, A-Team vendor list, and being a Type A, super organized individual, I felt it was time to build my own empire. Always working as the "office assistant" in different industries, office job after office job, I have always known something was missing.

I needed more of a purpose. This was it! Making the most important day in a couple's life exactly what they want it to be, starting the journey on the right foot, helping match couples with the best resources, tools, and professionals to keep the planning process, and wedding day as flawless and stress-free as possible, are all goals that I intend to reach with every couple I work with. I want to know YOUR STORY, and help you project that into YOUR WEDDING.

Now that you know why I do what I do, here's a few fun details about me. I am a major foodie, lover of all things pink, a coffee snob, obsessed with white marble, mother to a fur baby kitty named Missy, and I may be a little bit obsessed with Target's bargain bins! 


My mission is to delight, and inspire brides to assist in the process of designing, and planning the wedding of their dreams.

So, tell me more about YOU and what you want for your wedding!

“I’m a major foodie, lover of all things pink, a coffee snob, and currently obsessed with white marble, and Fuller House binges.”
— -coco