AND WE'RE GONNA GET IT DONE TOGETHER! (p.s. I'm Coco and this is what I do.) The packages below have been created to meet your planning needs, depending on what you are looking for. Keep in mind, we LOVE to travel, and are willing to go wherever your wedding takes us. We can discuss and answer all your questions in your initial consult to determine what package is best for you!

  Image provided by  Pioneer Media

Image provided by Pioneer Media



This package has it all! 
If you are the type of bride who wants the most guidance and assistance for all of the details and the logistics involved with planning your dream wedding, than this package is for you. We understand life is super busy, and planning a wedding can take up a tremendous amount of your precious time, that's why we have created a package that will allow you to be involved throughout the whole process, but also have complete guidance throughout, and you can let us take care of the pesky, time-consuming details.
With this package, We WILL be by your side through every last detail of your wedding. We WILL work closely with the bride and groom from the beginning of the planning process, to the end of your reception, allowing you to fully enjoy yourselves, your engagement, and most of all, your wedding day. 

This package includes: 

Initial Consultation
Checklist Creation & Management
Budget Creation & Management
Unlimited Contact via Email, text, and phone
Wedding Day Timeline Creation & Execution

Emergency Kit
Attendance to Vendor Meetings, Vendor Selection, Vendor Communication
Vendor Management & Contract Review
Venue Selection, Tour Scheduling & Attendance
Design Proposals & Execution
Guest List Management & Seating Chart Creation, Access to Online Planning Platform

& more! Choose This Package & Contact for Pricing!


Maybe you are the type of bride who LOVES the idea of planning your own wedding, and you have most of the major details completed, vendors selected, but you just need someone to help you tie up the loose ends, and bring it all together to the end of the big day! This would be the package for you. 
With this package, we will meet with you between 4 and 6 months before your wedding day, and assist with all the action steps to make everything run without a flaw. 

This package includes: (The previous package includes the following as well)

Unlimited Phone & Email Contact
Review of Vendor Contracts & Payments
Final Venue Walk-through
Rehearsal Dinner Planning
Budget Management

Guest List Management & RSVP Management
Design Proposal & Execution
Emergency Kit
Wedding Day Timeline Creation
Set-Up and Break-Down
Assistance with Gift Management
Wedding Day Management & more

Choose This Package & Contact For Pricing!


And finally, you may be a bride who has everything completed, (AWESOME JOB!!), but you would like someone to be there throughout the day to make sure everything runs smooth, and allows you to fully enjoy your day.

We will meet 1 to 2 months prior, and finalize that everything is complete before your big day. Managing all client contracts and final payments, guest list review, final walk-through of your venue, reviewing your design elements, & rehearsal dinner planning, are all a part of this package to ensure every detail is met. 

**All packages include a Wedding Day Emergency Kit, Welcome Gift, unlimited phone, text, email communication, and FREE planning resources to help keep you organized, and be on the same page.

**For package 1 & 2, you will receive a copy of our Preferred Vendor List to assist with vendor selection. 

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