What Does Our Business Mission Mean?

Yall are going to get real tired of hearing me say this word, but it IS my word of the year, so as you know I've been really REFOCUSING myself in my business and life. ThisI have recently been working on re-evaluating myself, business, mission, why. I have been fine tuning the EBC mission, to be more meaningful, allowing it to speak to our current and future clients. What is a mission? A mission/purpose is the reason for something to be in existence, or why something is created. One's intention or objective.When you start a business, and grow through the years, your mission, and purpose can change. You learn and understand your business more and more. I have found this to be true, which has led us to dig into the EBC mission.Our mission is to delight, and inspire brides, and to assist in the process of designing, and planning the wedding of their dreams. What does this mean, really? We desire to delight our clients. We want to charm them with inspiration, and provide a sense of joy and happiness throughout the entire process of planning their special day. We desire to assist in all aspects of the design and logistic details of planning an event. But let's unpack that deeper. While going through the reasons I decided to do this, I realized that my love for story telling and being inspired by their stories, and being a sucker for a good love story, made want to help couples tell their story. I wanted to create a memory, not just a wedding day, starting with the moment they say I do. That is our mission. By executing this mission successfully, you should be delighted, inspired, happy, and truly satisfied with YOUR special day. Our belief is that a wedding starts with a "YES" and lasts the rest of your life.Mission Complete. So, I'd like to know what is YOUR mission. As a creative business owner, as a bride, as a person planning any event. What is your MISSION? Share it with me. Happy FriYAY babes. XO COCO & KIMMIE