Top 4 Favorite Wedding Trends for 2017

Happy Sunday! We are almost done with the weekend,  and prepping for the week ahead! What a good time to give you some Sunday inspiration. I was excited to read the latest from Wedding Wire, on the top 2017 wedding trends! I just had to share my 4 favorites for this year, after seeing that they are all trends that I ADORE for weddings, and would definitely love to incorporate into upcoming projects and weddings that I plan this year.So here are my top 4 favorite wedding trends for 2017: (I hope you love them just as much as I do!)

  1. THE LOOK: Wedding gowns have honestly come a long way. I love to look back at what was trending years ago, and compare to what we have today. It's amazing to see some of the similarities, but also embrace the gorgeous changes! 2017 is rumored to have LOTS of ballet backs, lace sleeves, and big bows! All of which, make me smile ear to ear, and wish I was doing my own wedding gown shopping this year. (Did I say that out loud? )

  2. THE SETTING: Minimalism and simplicity are in. And when done right, it can be the most beautiful thing for a wedding. There is a big desire for "industrial, blank space" type venues. I am planning one at a venue similar to this theme in June!

  3. THE EXPERIENCE: Hanging food? What is that? It's all about presentation baby! Speaking about presentation, brides are getting super creative with guest book ideas, and I LOVE it!

  4. FINISHING TOUCHES: Welcome baskets, hangover kits, wedding party gifts, and guest activities, oh my! There are some super cute ways of doing these, and I will include links to a couple of my favorite companies that do all the work for you. One that I love, being Here, and Here.

Let me know what you all think of these wedding trends. And if you would like to chat about how you can make these happen for your wedding, let's chat!Have a great week!Xo C