Ultimate Packing List for the Wedding Weekend

Your wedding weekend is full of lots of small details, and there are many things to remember. As your planner, we are there every step of the way, and we make sure that nothing is forgotten and that you have everything you'd need.But there are things that you'll want/need to have on hand or bring with you in your weekend bag. And this post is dedicated to just that! You may think strolling into your day after brunch in your gown and heels sounds like a blast, but I am sure you'll want out of that gown after wearing it for almost a full day. If we are being honest, probably by the middle of the reception.We highly suggest starting to pack this bag a week or even a couple weeks ahead. This is the busiest time of your planning, and you don’t want to be left rushing the night before to pack.So what should you think about bringing in that weekend bag? Here's a list (some iems we may have in your emergency kit), to keep you on track for any specifics you'll want to bring.

  1. Marriage License

  2. ID/Wallet/Purse

  3. Passport (if traveling right to honeymoon)

  4. Change of clothes (robe for getting ready and photos before dress)

  5. Cash for after party if needed

  6. Flats, sandals or sneakers to change into

  7. Vows

  8. Cell phone and charger

  9. Jewelery

  10. Tooth brush

  11. Wedding night lingerie

  12. Make up remover

  13. Second day outfit

  14. Deodorant

  15. Comfy socks/PJ's

  16. Bubble bath for some R&R in the bridal suite

  17. moisturizer

  18. Tampons (hey, ya never know)

  19. Makeup bag (unless you're lucky enough to be getting that special treatment the next day too)

  20. Perfume

  21. Pain killers or any medicines necessary

  22. House keys (you'd be surprised how easily these are forgotten)

  23. Snacks for wedding morning (if venue isnt providing this)

  24. Wedding dress and hanger

  25. WATER!

  26. Wedding lingerie or accessories with dress

  27. Wedding shoes

  28. Any sentimental items

  29. Anything you'd like photographer (invitation etc)

  30. Sunglasses

  31. Cash payment or tip envelopes

  32. List of vendors contact info and timeline (your planner should have this covered)

  33. Wedding rings!

  34. Wedding party gifts

  35. Basket for flower girl or any bridal party accessories

Packing tips:Have someone also in charge of these items. If you are getting ready at home, make sure the bag gets put in the wedding vehicle but also gets taken out! If you are traveling the next day, have someone kindly bring your bigger suitcases and items not needed for the wedding day, to your hotel for you. Don't forget the items you will need back at the end of the night and gifts/cards collected after the festivities. Be sure to assign someone to tpacking those up as well. I hope this helps get you organized for the big day!