Take Back Your Time With Honeybook

Are you spending countless hours creating proposals, making invoices (or paying them), and doing routine tasks that can simply be automated? If you are saying YES to any of those things, I think I have a one-stop-shop solution for you. Honeybook. That one word will change everything for you! Honeybook is a software that will help you simplify your business. Through the program, you can manage projects, submit proposals, pay invoices, and more. It is SUPER easy and will seriously help you automate those little details in your business so that you can focus on creating and dreaming!

5 Ways To Save Time In Your Business

(Because Honeybook will save you TONS of time!)

  1. Add a contact form to your website so all leads come through Honeybook, keeping everything under one roof. This feature is a LIFESAVER and TIME SAVER, for sure! Not only does it simplify the process for your clients, but for you too. Just knowing that you only have to go to one location to find everything already saves you time!

  2. Set up Honeybook to your bank account for auto payments making the process a seamless one for you and your clients. Banking can be SO annoying, right? I mean, no one likes to deal with the process of invoices. This handy tool will help simplify the entire process and save you a ton of time!

  3. Send onboarding documents (welcome packet, inspiration guide, etc.) to Honeybook and they will upload them for you!Instead of sending over a million documents and packets for your clients, you can set up an automatic process through Honeybook. They will handle it all for you so you can focus on continuing to build your client list instead of managing documentation.

  4. If you charge by the hour, you can track your time (just like clocking in and out for a job). You can also do this for projects! Tracking hours is such a weight to carry! And it can be tough to balance that with the growth of your business and project list. But Honeybook helps simplify that, saving you time, so that you can track your hours with efficiency and accuracy.

  5. Add your clients and team members so they can access the project and keep everyone in the loop of where the process is!One of the best features Honeybook offers is the ability to work as a team on projects. You can track progress, share documents, and more! It truly helps simplify your communication, saving you time on a million back and forth emails about a project.

When I started my business, I self-taught myself a lot. But I wish I knew the difference in having a set system in place for clients from the start would make on my business. In all honesty, I wasn’t consistent and Honeybook has changed that for me. I now truly feel confident in my system and it reflects in my client’s view as well. I’ve already gotten multiple comments about how professional and seamless I make it for them! Thank you to Honeybook! Let’s help you get that professionalism and consistency, and confidence in your business systems too!I want you to experience this same freedom! I want you to up level your business and automate things that don’t need to take up your time. And because I am passionate about seeing this happen for YOU, I am partnering with Honeybook to offer you 50% off their program. Just click HERE to enroll. You won’t regret this, I promise! Sign up today!