With February being a month focused on ORGANIZATION, I felt inspired to write this post which sort of stems around that organization for your business.Remember when you first started your business? It feels like forever, I'm sure. Or maybe it doesn't. Maybe you just started, and are getting your footing in this new environment, like a toddler taking his first steps. There is so much planning involved, crafting your mission, your vision, designing your brand, setting up social accounts, and that's just the beginning. But once you finish those things, time passes, do you ever really think about those things again? I feel like as we begin to work IN our business, we don't ever reflect back ON those beginning business tasks. Our mission can change, as well as our vision and our brand and voice, and that is totally fine! I am writing this now, to encourage you all to take a look at your own, and reflect on them to make sure they still align with what you do, and your what your goals are. As you know, my word of 2019 is REFOCUS, and I've been doing just that.I noticed a change within myself, and my own vision for my business and goals, and I started reflecting on those items, and suddenly, this beautiful mission statement just flowed from my mouth. I was like "WHOA" I need to update my mission to THIS! It made me wonder how many others really have changed their since they started their businesses! Feel free to tell me if I am just behind in the game.Let's walk through this together to give your business a quick facelift:

  1. YOUR MISSION This is really the meat of your business. It's what makes you YOU. It's the reason you started this whole journey to begin with. It is all about what you offer, but more importantly, why you offer it, and what your goal is for those you offer it to. Take a look at it. Do some research on pretty buzzwords to include. For example, my new mission statement includes the word DELIGHT. It has become a new favorite of mine. It also sounds really pretty. But more importantly, it aligns with what I want my clients to feel when they work with me. I want to delight them.

  2. YOUR VISION Some people get these confused, of think of them as being one in the same, but there is a difference. Your vision for your business aligns a lot with your goals. It's about where you see your business in it's most successful state. Your vision is what you see when you look into the future of your business. It's the bigger picture, and the overall goal.

  3. YOUR BRAND After listening to a AWESOME episode of Jenna Kutcher's podcast, GOAL DIGGER, if you aren't already subscribed, STOP and go do it NOW. Thank me later. But in this episode (I believe it's episode 59), she spoke a lot about how you should focus on having a BRAND rather than a BUSINESS. It got me thinking a lot, and I started focusing more on my brand and what I represent as a brand. Think about 3 words you want clients to feel when they come to your website or work with you. Evaluate all platforms to ensure those are being visually represented. Have an outsider visit your website and see what they think. What words would they use to describe it? If you are really not sure, my friend Katie has an awesome brand quiz to give you an idea of what type of brand you are!

I know I have given you a lot to think about here. But it's important that we show up, and put the effort into these things! I have some epic episodes coming soon to my podcast as well, I'd love to be pals, GET ON THE LIST HERE! See ya there! XO COCO & KIMMIE