Monday Motivation: Are you already feeling drained in the New Year?

Hey there, Just popping by to give you a boost! If you're anything like me, the new year energized you. You felt like you had your goals in place, and were ready to dive in!Now, three weeks in, you're feeling down on yourself thinking, "I already messed up." But before you go throwing in that towel of determination, take a step back. Re-evaluate. And begin again!Just because you fell off track, doesn't mean you have to give up! Sometimes I find that all I need is a day to look at my goals again and then restart!Life gets heavy at times, it can certainly make us feel like we cannot achieve what we want to, but if there's anything I've learned even in the last month, it's DETERMINATION makes the dream work. If I gave up everytime I had a negative thought, I would be 300 pounds and unemployed, living on someone's couch. Eek. What an awful sight. Moral of the story: KEEP GOING! You got this!Xoxo CoCo