Happy March, (I cannot believe I am saying that)! This month is dedicated to budgeting and DIY-ing your wedding the way YOU want. I have seen some incredible weddings where most of it was done by family and friends of the bride. Though it is more work, it can truly save you money if you are looking to do for the big day. Why DIY? The money you save, you will be able to put towards other things like the food, or maybe band/DJ for your wedding. You can also turn around and sell any décor items you purchased to help another DIY bride out there. 

When you’re planning a wedding and want to stick to a budget, it’s important to plan ahead of time. List everything you can think of, and walk through these items step by step. The earlier you start planning, the better chance of not feeling rushed in the process. Avoid inviting everyone and anyone, you want your closest family and friends with you on your big day, so don't be afraid to not invite your neighbor who you occasionally have coffee with in the morning! Ask for wedding help vs. wedding gifts. If you know someone that may have a band or dj equipment, don't be afraid to reach out to them, or maybe your aunt can bake incredible cakes, etc. They may be willing to help you out instead of hiring someone that may want to charge you more then your looking to spend. Instead of tons of flowers that will die a few days after the wedding look into smaller bouquets. You can also choose mock flowers, which are also a beautiful option and allows you to keep them forever, a lasting memory!

Don’t worry about spending tons of money of invitations, lets be honest a lot of people through them out once the day has come and gone. If you are creative, make your own invitations. There’s a ton of kits you can get, or maybe you have a friend who owns one of those neat Criket machines. It can be a fun project for you both to be a part of. Let's chat about open bar. We all know that gets to be extremely expensive, and if your looking to cuts costs, you can save money by offering just beer, wine and sodas, or you can offer a free cocktail hour followed by a cash bar. Another option to add a special touch, is to do a free signature cocktail during cocktail hour, and then just offer the wine, beer, and soda during reception. When it comes down to your wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses…shop the sale wracks! Be on the lookout for Sample Sales, or visit the mom and pop bridal shops. I love going to those because they normally have one of a kind gowns, and will work with you more than a corporate, chain store will. For the menswear, order in a group, as many tuxedo places offer a group rate to save you some money on the guys too.

Most importantly don’t stress! This is your day and what matters most is you and your fiancé. Have a great and memorable time! Don't let budgeting take your mind away from what truly matters on this day! Your friends and family will just be happy to be there.