Why every couple DESERVES a wedding planner!

Happy January babes!Today we are talking about something super important, and I think it's a great time to touch on this subject since the holidays just passed, and the newly engaged will be starting the process of planning their big day! For all of you lovely ladies who may have gotten engaged over the holidays, CONGRATS!! Let me start by saying every engaged couple needs, DESERVES, and really should have a wedding planner. A wedding planner really isn't considered an "unnecessary expense" anymore. Today I will debunk a few reasons why people say you don't need one, and explain a few reasons you SHOULD have ONE.Planning a wedding is stressful, and having a wedding planner won't change that, but it will surely make it a lot easier to handle. And if you choose the right planner, you will end up saving a lot of the money you work so hard for. Let's start with some of the reasons couples say they "don't need a planner". "I can't afford a wedding planner." Yes, I know weddings are extremely expensive. No matter what, you're spending lots of money, and everyone is on a tight budget these days, unless you're Taylor Swift or a Kardashian. Having a wedding planner will allow you to have assistance with that budget. Your planner will know ways to help you get what you want, or alternatives that will make you just as happy, and will manage your budget and help you stay within its boundaries. "I want to plan my own wedding." Who doesn't?! It's a fun experience. But with a wedding planner's assistance, you can enjoy the fun parts, and allow your planner to deal with all the pesky tasks. Yes, that sounds cruel, but that's really what we do best! Finding pricing, getting wedding pros to contact you, and scheduling meetings, are all tasks that a wedding planner can help you get done efficiently. "The venue has a site coordinator." This is a common misunderstanding that occurs way too often. Did you know a site coordinator isn't always there on your actual wedding day? It's true. I can name a view local venues where they do not assist on the DAY OF! There are also many other tasks that will not be completed by this person, because a wedding planner and a site coordinator are two very different things. So what are the actual benefits of hiring a wedding planner, let's take a look at a few:

  1. A wedding planner comes with a wide range of network industry pals. What does this mean for you? Your wedding planner will know all the best pros in your area, and using the ones in her network will allow you to get added discounts that only her clients will receive. And who doesn't love saving money?!

  2. A wedding planner comes with a particular set of skills that allows them to thrive in planning all of the logistics of your day. Also, a planner comes with a wide range of knowledge in the wedding industry. Knowing valuable information, such as which vendors work best together, the in's and out's of specific wedding venues, and so much more!

  3. Having a wedding planner is really a blessing. It allows you, and your family to help, but still be able to enjoy your special day to the fullest.

I hope this helps to spread a bit of light on the subject. If you need help or want some advice on how to choose the RIGHT wedding planner, I will do a post about that in a couple weeks!! Until next time,XO C