Comparison is Evil

Com-pare/estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between.

What is comparison, and why is it evil? By the definition above, it is the process of noting the similarities or lack of between different things. How does this have anything to do with your business?Have you ever been scrolling through your social media feed, looking at all the amazing things your fellow creatives are doing, and start to get that little pit in your stomach thinking, "Why didn't I think of that? Why can't my business be like this?" Cue the negative, self-hate comments and thoughts. You may say that you don't think those negative thoughts and that this doesn't affect you at all, then more power to ya! That's great! But even if you don't notice it, this slowly digs into our confidence, even if you are not noticing it right away.Why do we do this to ourselves? With social media, and technology being what it is, everyone is out there and in front of our faces with all the amazing things they are doing, so it's hard not to see. It's only going to get worse. The world wants visuals, they want to see what you do, before they even think about reaching out to you to inquire about your services or products, and that's why there are so many beautiful things on our social feeds. They are giving the people what they want!I'm so terrible with this, I will be honest. That's why I wanted to write about this because it has been weighing on my heart. I put myself down and bring self doubt into play very often. I see the things others are doing and I start to think, why am I not there yet. What have I done that I am proud of? Crickets.But I want to remind you, like I have to remind myself, YOU are just as amazing! You will reach your goals, you will create something amazing, as long as you don't quit working towards it.Just because others are doing amazing things, doesn't mean we cant. You cannot measure your beginning with someone else's middle or ending. The person who may have created that amazing thing, may have struggled for years before it happened. It doesn't make your business any less awesome! Often times this drains us of our motivation because we are constantly seeing what others are doing, so we lose our own voice, our own creativity. We take away our own ideas and awesome things that we can be doing, or creating.I've struggled for years with so many insecurities. Being miserable with my life, feeling like I'll never be good enough. Always chasing my purpose, feeling like I'll never find it. Trying new things and failing and then thinking why did I bother?STOP. Right now, I want you to stop, and I want myself to stop. I want you to stop spending so much time comparing yourselves, and start doing! Start creating! The more time you spend on your own growth, and creating, the happier you will feel. You have it in you, no go do it! XO Coco