3 Steps to Begin Your Wedding Planning Process



Happy New Year and Congrats to all of you who got a special sparkly gift for Christmas!! Happy engagement!

I'm so excited for you, and the journey towards planning your perfect day is going to be so much fun! You're probably thinking, "This chick is crazy, my head is spinning." That may be true, (LOL), but before you get overwhelmed, take a breath, and read this post. I got you girl!I will go through my entire "First Steps Planning Process" for you, and will help you get on track from the very beginning. It really doesn't have to be all that complicated, if you don't want it to be. And why would you want it to be? Whether you choose to hire a wedding planner or not, you can set yourself up to have a flawless, stress-free wedding planning process that will leave you being able to enjoy your day to the fullest! Grab some coffee, and a notebook, and let's begin!First things first, in order to be organized from the beginning, you need to start by setting a foundation to determine a few things, such as what style wedding you'd like to have, what season you'd like the wedding to take place, and what your budget is going to look like for your wedding. I understand these three things may still seem very vague and confusing, so I am going to break it down even more for you.

  1. Determine your wedding style. These days there are so many aspects of style, outside of tradition, that allow you to have a gorgeous wedding at a gorgeous location, without breaking the bank. It's a matter of knowing what you want and having the right people to help you find that, (which is where I come in)! I want you to sit down and take some paper, maybe some cut outs from a magazine, and dream up your perfect wedding day. Get detailed! Think about colors, textures, setting, season, decorations, flowers, and anything else that sticks out in your mind.

  2. Set a wedding date. An important factor in terms of style that should be determined pretty early on, is your wedding date. This is important because if you have a very specific venue picked out, you should keep in mind that wedding venues book up really quickly.

  3. Figure out your wedding budget. Then I want you to kind of review it all, and determine a number to set as your budget. This is SUPER important because if you're dreaming of getting married at the Plaza in NYC, but your budget isn't quite able to accommodate that, then you will need to see that on paper and find ways to do a lower cost venue that can be transformed into something like the Plaza! It's possible!

And there ya go, you now have a foundation that will set up the entire planning process, and make things highly less stressful. So how'd he propose ?! I really want to hear all about your holiday proposals! I hope this helped give you a starting point. And if you are ready to get started with being an EBC bride, let's chat!!XO C